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The Illinois QSO Party   Hints and Tips For The ILQP

Starting with the 2006 ILQP, the WIARC assumed the responsibility of sponsoring and administering this annual event. The ILQP takes place each October and involves amateur operators in all Illinois counties as well as operators from across the USA and in many foreign countries. The QSO party provides Illinois operators the opportunity to be the 'rare ones' while providing stations outside of Illinois the opportunity to log many of the rarer Illinois counties. Illinois stations may operate as Fixed, Portable, Mobile or Rover stations. High and Low power classes are provided for both Illinois Fixed and Non-Illinois stations and QRP competition is also provided. Complete rules for the next ILQP may be viewed by clicking on the most recent competition year Rules tab below.

The WIARC would like to recognize the Radio Amateur Megacycle Society for its many years of dedicated service to the Amateur community both in Illinois and the entire USA. RAMS members faithfully administered the event for nearly 4 decades. Their unfailing leadership in this role serves as a model for the WIARC in the years to come. Well done, RAMS. A detailed history of the ILQP can be found by following the ILQP History link.

Results of Last 5 ILQP Events, 2017 Rules, Summary Sheet and Map


ILQP Resources

The Illinois QSO party is held on Sunday of the third full weekend in October (local times).

Future Dates for the ILQP are:
October 21, 2018
October 20, 2019
October 18, 2020

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When calling CQ or running a frequency, stand by often for mobiles and rovers who may be buried under the fixed station signals.

Many years the ILQP coincides with the Jamboree On The Air. Please be courteous to our future contesters. Give them space and make contacts with them as well.

QSO's must be logged using the long standing four letter abbreviations for Illinois counties. These abbreviations are shown on the summary sheet. The accepted abbreviations for US states and Canadian provinces are also shown. Using ambiguous abbreviations may result in busted contacts.

Remember, there is a minimum data set that constitutes a valid QSO log entry. Missing or incomplete QSO data may result in a busted contact. See the current year rules sheet for details.

Operators should log contacts using GMT time and date. Submissions in other time and date standard may be returned to the entrant for correction.

Electronic logs must be submitted in either cabrillo or excel format. Any other format may be used if prior approval is given by the ILQP Committee.

A paper printout from a computer logging program submitted without the electronic log file or cabrillo file will be considered a check log and not entered into competition.


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